Boost Academy Fact Sheet

Boost Academy, Inc., June 2015


San Diego-based Boost Academy offers students one-on-one math tutoring via the iPad. The company’s patent-protected platform provides an interactive learning environment for students to conveniently connect with their own personal tutor. The Boost Academy app converts the iPad into a two-way whiteboard, allowing students and tutors to speak, review homework, solve problems and prepare for tests together—all as though they’re in the same room. Each session is recorded for easy playback and review.


Boost Academy, Inc.™ was founded by Josh Roach, an innovator and entrepreneur responsible for technology that has revolutionized mobile banking. Roach developed the concept for Boost Academy after observing inefficiencies within the student-tutor community. Already successful in leveraging mobile devices to solve real-world problems, he sought to apply the advances in mobile technology to streamline the tutoring process and improve educational effectiveness. A talented team was assembled for the venture, and Boost Academy was born. A soft launch of the platform took place in September 2014. In its short history, the company has experienced impressive growth and amassed a devoted customer base. The company has already raised approximately $1.6 M in seed funding.

The Need

College admissions to top-tier universities are more competitive than ever, and math curricula are becoming increasingly challenging for students to master. Students struggle with the progressively difficult math required for college admissions, and parents feel ill-equipped to help with algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics and calculus homework. As a result, personal tutors are in high demand due to their effectiveness at helping students improve their math comprehension. The U.S. tutoring market is a $13 billion enterprise, with the majority focused on math ($3B), science ($2B) and SAT/ACT test preparation ($5B). However, the math tutoring market is fragmented, inefficient and difficult to maneuver. Boost Academy’s platform provides an elegant, streamlined solution that places customized, one-on-one tutoring at parents’ and students’ fingertips.


Boost Academy offers a free, one-hour trial session to all first-time users. To date, the conversion rate from free session to paid package is over 95%. Boost Academy offers an hourly option for individual tutoring sessions, as well as monthly, semester and annual subscriptions. The company charges $54 per one-hour session. Monthly subscriptions are $199 for up to five hours of tutoring. Fall or spring semester subscriptions are available for $899 and provide students with up to 25 hours of tutoring. And a subscription for a full school year is $1,299 and covers up to 50 hours of tutoring.

What Our Users Say

Students love Boost Academy; it engages their proclivity for technology, and offers a personalized approach to improve their confidence, comprehension and grades. No tutor intimidation, no classroom peer pressure and no conflicts with after-school activities.


Parents love Boost Academy because it is affordable, convenient, efficient and provides the best, subject-certified, background-checked tutors in the country. No driving, no waiting, no tutor hosting and no settling for the only tutor available in the vicinity.

And tutors love Boost Academy. No scheduling (and rescheduling), no driving and no payment hassles. It is an easy and efficient way to use their advanced math degrees to help students improve their math skills and achieve their goals.


Boost Academy stands at the intersection of the U.S.’s $9.3 billion K-12 eLearning industry and the $13 billion tutoring industry. Both markets are forecasted to grow, particularly the eLearning industry which will outpace all other education segments with an annual growth rate of 20% through 2017 (GSV Advisors). Tapping into both markets, Boost Academy has experienced impressive growth and an enthusiastic reception from investors and customers since its launch in September 2014. Among Boost Academy’s recent milestones are:

  • 400+ students on the platform
  • 400+ tutoring sessions delivered in single month
  • 2,500+ total sessions delivered on the platform
  • 100+ tutors regularly teaching on platform
  • 300% quarter-over-quarter growth in both users and revenue
  • 95% conversion of trial users to paying customers
  • 98% conversion to pre-paid packages
  • Successful close of $950K Seed Round I
  • Successful close of $600K Seed Round II

 Leadership Team

Boost Academy’s seasoned management team includes industry leaders who have previously worked for successful startups, Fortune 500 companies and Nasdaq-traded high-tech firms. Current leadership includes:

  • Craig K. Collins, President & CEO; Director
  • Josh Roach, Founder & Chief Technology Officer; Director
  • Renee T. Bryan, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Mark Baucum, Director of Tutoring

Additionally, Boost Academy’s Board of Directors includes:

  • Pat Hopf Managing Partner, St. Paul Ventures (former)
  • Rafael Pastor Chairman & CEO, Vistage (former)
  • Kris Lichter Managing Director, DuMonde Ventures
  • Tom Ladt CEO & Director, Petsuites of America, Inc. (former)